Trading Financial Markets for Beginners

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Weekends Training

(In-Person and Live Online Sessions)
4, 11, 18 December 2022 Sundays: 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM Dubai Knowledge Park 975 USD

Course Description

The Trading Financial Markets for Beginners program will enable you to understand financial markets and how to trade them. The course is organized into three 3-hour sessions on Sundays. It will take you from the first concepts of markets—understanding everything from price actions to technical and fundamental analysis—to understanding the concept of edge and how to develop profitable trading strategies. It will also introduce the participants to how to interpret charts and gain insight  into what it takes to be a profitable trader, which includes a look at the psychology of trading.

Furthermore, the delegates will engage in live trading sessions that will enable them to practice winning trading strategies and be mentored by some of the best experts in the field.  Upon successful completion of this program,  you will earn a course completion certificate accredited by the Dubai Government.

Unit 1 – Introduction to Trading

  • Introduction to markets and trading instruments
  • Understanding prices, price action and the cost of trading
  • Different order types and priority algorithms
  • The different participants in the marketplace and their roles
  • How different markets influence each other
  • The aim of trading and the skills required to achieve it

Unit 2 – Introduction to Charts and Technical Analysis

  • Technical analysis and its limitations
  • Introduction to technical indicators and how they work
  • Analysis of each indicator and its predictive ability
  • Trading and charting spreads
  • Using a trading platform to draw and use technical indicators
  • Using a simulator to see those indicators in action

Unit 3 – Introduction to Fundamental Analysis

  • Economic cycles, interest rates and money supply
  • Economic figures and their interpretation
  • Working with real-time news feeds and understanding market-bias
  • Using brokers and trader forums

Unit 4 – Option and Greeks and Volatility

  • Understanding Options and their behavior
  • Greeks and volatility
  • Charting options
  • Options strategies

Unit 5 – Introduction to the psychology of trading

  • The trader’s emotional journey
  • Tools to develop a winning mindset
  • Mapping your own emotional make-up
  • Journaling

Unit 6 – Understanding the Concept of edge

  • How to find and develop your edge
  • How to seek the right kind of edge

Unit 7 – Risk Management

  • How to manage risk and succeed in the market
  • The importance of a stop loss and trade management
  • Discussion of different trading ideas and their execution

Unit 8 – Let’s trade

  • How to look for trades
  • How to workout a risk position
  • How to enter into a trade
  • Where to set your stop loss

Unit 9 – Course Recap

  • Where should beginners start?
  • Resources
  • Benefits of trading financial markets
  • Anyone interested in becoming successful in Financial Markets trading and investing.

There are no prerequisites for this program.

The participants who have successfully completed this course will be eligible to participate in Developing Automated Trading Systems course.