Innosoft Certified Cloud Professional (ICCP) Exam

Dates Timing Location Price
26 June 2018 09:00AM - 12:00PM Dubai Knowledge Park 400 USD

Course Description

The Innosoft Certified Cloud Professional (ICCP) exam is performance-based, which means that candidates must perform tasks on a live system, rather than answering multiple choice questions. 

The ICCP exam will test your ability to install and configure Apache Spark and Hadoop clusters for Big Data storage and processing.  You will be provided three nodes running Linux, on top of which you need to install and configure Hadoop and Spark clusters.  After successful completion of this exam, Hadoop and Spark clusters should be accessible from local clients for Big Data storage and processing.

Candidates will be emailed exam results within three business days following the exam.

To be able to pass the Innosoft Certified Cloud Professional exam, you need to complete the following tasks successfully:

Set up a Cluster for Big Data Storage

Configure DNS
Create and Distribute SSH Keys to all the Cluster Nodes
Download and Unpack the Latest Hadoop Binaries
Set up Environment Variables for Hadoop Installation
Configure the Master and Slave Nodes
Format and Run HDFS
Configure YARN
Run and Monitor HDFS
Launch YARN

Set up a Cluster for Big Data Processing

Download and Unpack Apache Spark on all the Cluster Nodes
Install Spark on the Master Node
Install Spark On the Slave Nodes
Integrate Spark with YARN
Run the Spark Cluster
Execute a Spark Application on top of a YARN Cluster
Monitor Your Spark Applications

Access the Data Processing and Storage Clusters

Upload and Store large Datasets on the Hadoop Cluster
Process Large Datasets stored on HDFS using a Spark Cluster

  1. IT professionals, Data Scientists and Big Data Engineers interested in setting up Hadoop and Spark Clusters on the cloud to store and process massive datasets.
  2. Experienced Data Science and Big Data professionals seeking validation of their skills.
  3. Students and Professionals who have attended our Innosoft Linux Fundamentals, Cloud Computing for Big Data courses, and the path to earn their ICCP certification.

Candidates for this exam should have taken the following two courses:

Innosoft Linux Fundamentals

Cloud Computing for Big Data