AI for Decision Makers

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(In Person & Live Webinars)
2, 9, 16, 23, 30 August 2021 Mondays: 7:00 PM - 9:30 PM Dubai Knowledge Park 3,500 AED

Course Description

Today’s companies and investors are all starting to evaluate how Artificial Intelligence (AI) will either positively or negatively impact their organization’s growth, profits and overall returns.

According to Research from the World Economic Forum (WEF) and McKinsey, AI will increasingly disrupt what we do, who does it and how all work is done as pieces of human work are transferred to machines. On the positive side, AI is expected to add significant growth and value to the world’s economy for the companies and countries that develop it. As such, it is more important than ever that all leaders, managers, executives and board members develop their AI skills to compete and prosper in the AI world.

However, most leaders of organizations and investors in companies don’t have the requisite skills to use these technologies to create competitive advantage, nor to build the right teams to insure their long term success. As such, this course will help you gain the following knowledge:

  • Why business models based on AI-powered platforms dominate the markets
  • How you can use these technologies to grow revenue and profitability
  • What are the 5 steps that can transform your business and investment activities
  • Who will you need on the team to ensure your short and long term success

Unit 1 – Modules and Platforms

  • Identify the 5 distinct business models and map the evolution of corporate strategy
  • Describe why platforms business models are emerging today
  • Cite specific, concrete examples of firms leveraging older and newer business models
  • Understand how platform economics are different, and why
  • Explain why automation and AI are essential to platform business models

Unit 2 – Machines and Artificial Intelligence

  • Identify and utilize different data sources (fundamental and alternative)
  • Identify best practices for developing and managing a company’s data
  • Identify material issues and understand their importance in developing data
  • Identify the different views of stakeholder, investor, and regulator definitions of data
  • Identify the leading organizations data use and governance issues
  • Assess the quality of a company’s process for becoming a data driven organization
  • Understand and follow the best practices in developing data driven strategies
  • Identify and prioritize the key stakeholders in building a data driven business
  • Understand the different requirements and regulations that are emerging

Unit 3 – Data for AI

  • Explain how data is used in an AI/ML application
  • Understand why alternative data is a key differentiators
  • Identify different data sources that a company can use (fundamental and alternative)
  • Understand the complexities of data management
  • Understand and follow the best practices in developing data driven strategies

Unit 4 – Transforming Your Strategy and Business Model

  • Pinpoint where you are and the gap to AI powered modern business models 

  • Inventory your existing technologies, data and networks to leverage 

  • Validate your business case with customers and gain your leaders’ buy in 

  • Organize and operate a core team to achieve your AI powered business model 

  • Track your performance and progress towards becoming an AI first firm

Unit 5 – Build Your AI Business

  • Apply the transformative AI process to build your own AI-powered unit
  • Implement transformative ideas with the right structure, skills, and governance 

  • Prepare ahead and avoid the pitfalls of business model transformation
  • Invert your thinking to drive changes in actions and outcomes
  • Build an AI-powered business case 

Mangers and Business Leaders interested in transforming their organizations with AI technologies.


There are no prerequisites for this course.

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